Estate Sale Marketplace Terms & Conditions




Pricing and Discounts: Items MAY be discounted during the course of the sale. We
will entertain any, and all offers but make no guarantees to acceptance. Finders
Keepers reserves the right to maintain a “firm” or minimum price on any particular item
in order to protect the value of said item and financial return to our client.


Merchandise Condition Disclosure: All items are sold “AS IS” with no guarantees or
warranties either expressed or implied. We are happy to answer any questions and
send more pictures of a particular item if requested. We make every effort to make
customers aware of any condition issues we notice by listing such in our descriptions,
but we in no way assert that these notations are all inclusive or imply any guarantee or
warranty. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make themselves aware of the condition of
items before they purchase, or be willing to accept the items “as is”. Finders Keepers
Estate Sales of VA, LLC makes no representations or warranties with respect to the
authenticity or condition of any item and buyers agree to purchase at their own risk. We


Payment: NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS. Purchases must be paid for in full BEFORE
pick up. We accept bank to bank wire transfers, Venmo, PayPal Credit, Visa/
Mastercard/ American Express/ Discover. You will have 24 hours to contact us by
phone or email if you plan to change your payment method.  
Sales Tax: ALL sales are subject to 5.3% Virginia Sales Tax.


COVID-19 Update: Due to the issues of this COVID-19 Virus, please be respectful and
practice social distancing, and wear protective masks. Personal protective equipment is
the responsibility of the customer and will not be provided by Finders Keepers. If you
are sick or presenting with any symptoms of illness, please make arrangements for
another person to retrieve your purchase. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe
and healthy.


Pick Up: PLEASE contact us to schedule pick up of your purchase. Address for pick up
will be given once item is purchased and pick up scheduled. You MUST pick up your
items on the day and time allotted, NO EXCEPTIONS. Our sales are under a strict
timeline to have items removed promptly. Please bring your invoice with you to help
us speed up the process in locating your items. 
Buyers hereby indemnify and hold harmless Finders Keepers Estate Sales of VA LLC
and the estate from any, and all damages, claims, or liabilities from, and injuries or
death to persons or property caused during the removal of items purchased.  The buyer
is solely responsible for any damage to the real property caused by or during the
removal of items purchased.

You MUST bring help to lift, pack, and remove items from the sale location.   Please
remember to bring items needed for removal: packing supplies, boxes, dollies, straps,

rope, blankets, etc., including tools to disconnect or dismantle. Finders Keepers will not
provide tools or materials needed for removal. Our staff will not be able to assist in the
removal process. If you are the purchaser of furniture or large pieces, you MUST
bring help.  We will guide you to the items for removal, but our staff is not equipped to
move furniture.  If you are unable to remove your items from the sale location due to
lack of help, materials, or tools, or your items become damaged due to the removal
process, you are still responsible for payment for your purchase. We offer NO


Shipping & Delivery: Finders Keepers LLC, at its sole discretion, may provide
shipping services at a cost to the purchaser. Shipping costs will include both the cost of
shipping and the cost of packing materials. However, you must contact us prior to
purchasing to discuss shipping options.  
If you purchase prior to obtaining a shipping quote, you will be responsible for picking
the items up during the scheduled pickup time or your items will be considered
abandoned. If items are considered abandoned, you will still be charged to your credit
card for the purchase amount plus any taxes or fees.  We make NO REFUNDS.
We recommend Arielle Edmonds Trucking LLC (804) 712-3743 for
shipment/ delivery of large items or long distance shipment/ delivery. Please call them
directly for a shipping quote.


Failure to Pick Up: In the event you do not pick up your purchase during the
designated time, you agree that failure to receive any item in the event of abandonment
DOES NOT relieve your responsibility to pay for the item and any other associated fees.
You hereby authorize Finders Keepers Estate Sales of VA, LLC to charge your credit
card for the purchase amount plus any taxes or fees. A disposal fee of $50 will be
attached to any and all abandoned merchandise- this includes leaving behind unwanted
portions of your purchase. Finders Keepers will not refund payment for the items,
taxes, or fees. We offer NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS. Finders Keepers Estate Sales
of VA LLC may in its absolute and sole discretion, resell, dispose of, or donate
abandoned items to a charity of their choice.

Finders Keepers Estate Sales of VA
108 West Main Street, Orange, VA 22960
(540) 360-4911
Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm
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